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Sailing, Wind Surf and Canoe

Torbole and Riva del Garda are the mekka for surfers from all over Europe.
Its famous winds the Ora and the Peler make the perfect spot to enjoy these breath taking sports.
You can find numerous schools along the Lake shore with courses for beginners to professional levels.
For those that want something more tranquil why not try canoeing, where you can admore the Lake from a totally different prospective.
You can also try the slalom held on the River Sarca.

Free climbing

One of the most famous characteristics of Lake Garda are its Rock faces that overlook the Lake and its surrounding beauty, rich in luscious green vegetation and colours.
It is a natural paradise for those who like climbing and is a real outdoor gym.
Some of the most famous places for climbing in the area are Torbole, Nago and Arco, you will find many trails from the practise level to the most challenging rock faces and vie ferrate.

Canyoning, Fun Kayak
and River Trek.

In the north of Lake Garda and Trentino there are numerous valleys which have been carved out over millions of years from previous glaciers which have now given us the most amazing waterfalls and rivers, these days you can make the most of what mother nature has carved out for us and take part in canyoning.