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Stenico Castle

Hunched on the brow of the hill from which it dominates the area of the outer Giudicarie, Stenico Castle is a symbol of the power of the Bishop Princes of Trento in the region.

Dating back to the medieval period, from the 13th century it became the property and summer residence of the bishop princes, as well as the base for the captain, who was responsible for the administration of the region.

Successive captains and bishop princes made alterations over the centuries, expanding, adapting and embellishing the castle, which today appears to be an integrated and harmonious complex. From the outside it has the appearance of a severe and imposing medieval fortress, while inside sculptural decorations and beautiful frescoes give it the look of an elegant residence.

The rooms are now elegantly decorated with fine worked and inlayed furniture, exquisite paintings, swords and firearms, ancient copper, iron and wooden utensils used in daily life, all from the collections of Castello del Buonconsiglio.