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Palazzo Alberti Museum

The paintings of the Trentino artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, from Segantini to Bonazza and from Prati to Moggioli, are all issued in Palazzo Alberti on the Bettini-Boulevard.
The city council of Rovereto, the Mart and the Municipal Museum of Rovereto are involved in this project. They are also responsible for the management of the cities art gallery with more than 2.000 pieces which was searching for nearly forty years its seat (the collection includes works by artists from the Trentino as Prati and Depero, but also Baldessari, Pancheri, Polo, Colorio, Disertori).
To date, the Mart temporarily uses the Vanga Tower in Trento for exhibitions of some rare pearls of Trentino.