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Lago di Tenno

The other lakes of Garda

The Garda Trentino includes, besides the northern part of Lake Garda, Lake Tenno and Valle di Ledro.
The principal characteristic of this area is its temperate climate, with legendary temperatures, even in winter, thanks to the mitigating influence of the basins.

Tenno is a pleasant regional spot with a lake of glacial origin surrounded by a coniferous forest.
It has a splendid panoramic view and numerous frazioni (sub divisions) immersed in limpid and effervescent air, Gavazzo, Cologna, Valle del Monte, Sant’Antonio and Calvola: are picturesque settlements that conserve ancient traditions and vestiges of the past within a medieval atmosphere.
Among the most interesting historical monuments here are the frescoed church of San Lorenzo, the walled hamlet of Frapporta, the medieval Canale, and the archaeological site of S. Martino.

The setting is characterised by the course of the Magnone stream, which goes on to form the Cascata di Varone with a waterfall of 100 metres.
Valle di Ledro, with the lake of the same name which is characterised by its limpid turquoise waters, presents the eyes with a relaxing atmosphere between the neighbouring green forests through which the Ponale stream crosses, connecting it to Lake Garda.

On the eastern banks of the lake were recently discovered the remains of a palafitte settlement from the Bronze Age, much of which is contained inside the Museo delle Palafitte which also collects objects from various prehistoric periods and objects of great archaeological interest.
Valle di Ledro is an excellent place for holidays in an atmosphere of nature and hiking, with trails and paths to suit all tastes.