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By Motorbike on Garda

Those who love to travel on two wheels agree that Lake Garda has some of the best scenery in Italy to visit on the back of a motorcycle.

This is because the Garda area is a true paradise, loaded with geological and scenic riches, which are easily visited by motorcycle, allowing bikers to follow their lifestyle, feeling the wind against their face and watching the horizon while the landscape flies by to the side.

The routes are varied, and each one allows the rider to admire the landscape of Lake Garda, moving on the roads crossing the enchanting scenery of rises and valleys, leading to the feet of the mountains or the edges of the basin; along roads less travelled, connecting colourful and picturesque villages, concealing artistic treasures such as fortresses, citadels and hamlets where time seems to stand still.

The view along the itinerary is marvellous, showing sunny, exuberant nature, where one can see vineyards, olive and lemon trees, cypress and beech forests, extraordinary natural parks and geological formations, such as the Dolomites.

For those who love to get up and go in search of the unknown on the back of their own motorcycle, the towns facing Lake Garda offer marvellous surprises, with tours in the area of areas of cultural interest such as Sirmione, Gardone, Riva del Garda and Torbole, where the Tonelli Hotels are located, as well as areas of ecological and scenic interest such as mountains and parks.
Motorcycle holidays at Lake Garda are an occasion to relax and experience nature in total freedom, breathing clean air under the blue sky and bright sky; a moment to stop and admire the sunset at the end of an exciting day spent in one of the most fascinating corners of Trentino.