Casa del Dazio

Until 1918-1919 Torbole had an important political standing since it has been the borderline between Austria and Italy.
Until today the custom house is an evident sign of the period when travellers between Austria and Italy had to take the only possible
way over the water to get from one country to the other.
Each day big sailing boats arrived with merchandise like salt, wheat, oranges and lemons.
The traders bought for their part, goods from our valleys like timber, leather, and metals.
The merchandise passing the port was declarable - a very strict imperial sanction.

Only in 1926 the Gardesana orientale (east shore) and in 1931 the Gardesana occidentale (west shore) -the main and first road around the lake was built.
Until today the Gardesana occidentale is considered to be a masterpiece of road construction with its 74 tunnels as well as known as "dreamroad" which filmmakers appreciate a lot, i.e. James Bond "Quantum of Solace".

Nowadays the old custom house in Torbole (located at the Gardesana) is privately owned by the Tonelli family. For the first time we open our private doors for you, to have a glass of wine together while listening to Italian music and enjoying the atmosphere of southern cheerful tranquility. In this spirit we would like to say thank you again for being our guests and invite you to share this special place with us. Enjoy your time in our world. Your Tonelli Family Each Friday and Sunday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. we open our doors for you and cordially invite you to drink a complimentary glass of wine with us. (For all guests of the Tonelli hotels)