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Aquatic Sports

Lake Garda has a great sailing tradition which has grown in recent years, during which skippers and athletes have emerged and gained great fame, including at the Olympic level.

Above all in the Alto Garda, sailing and windsurfing lovers will find an ideal setting; in this part of the lake there are steady and punctual winds, the most well-known of which are the Ora, in the afternoon hours, and the Peler, during the mornings, guaranteeing optimal conditions for the whole day.

Water, waves, wind and sun are the fundamental ingredients for surfing, which in this lake allows one to experience the emotions of the sea, in a setting every bit as charming as the more famous coastal destinations. For the more daring there is also the excitement of kite surfing, jumping and flying through a groove of water, creating one adrenaline rush after another.

It is here that the golden triangle Torbole-Marcesine-Limone is found, with its unique and outstanding regata boat race course for sailing enthusiasts, offering the chance to practice all months of the year, in a setting whose beauty should be admired not just by land, but also by sea.
Along the beaches of Lake Garda are found various sailing and boat clubs, each managed by expert personnel and offering the most innovative and top quality equipment, where anyone can turn to learn how to use windsurf boards or sail boats.
These clubs also frequently organize captivating competitions and events.